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Toned Up Quick

Mia wanted to quickly tone up for work! So we went to work and in just three short weeks she was able to increase muscle tone lower her body fat by 3.5% and drop four and three inches! Way to go Mia!

Mia P.

My tummy has definitely shrunk as well ..

Hi Chris, Thank you so much, for being such a wonderful human being. I have lost 12 pounds within 29 days I am super excited. I am now one size smaller..my body is definitely tighter and more define. My tummy has definitely shrunk as well ..I have a way to go, this has become a lifestyle for me. I plan to be living healthy for the rest of my life.  Yesterday I took a good look at my body, and really like what I saw, that feeling I got looking at myself, continued as I was walking outside, for the first time in a long time, I realized that I Angella Gill love my body. I mean it is not exactly the way I want, after all I am a woman, lol, however I do love my body, and it is going to get better everyday as I workout and eat healthy at it.
So thanks again.

Lauren M. Lost 17lbs

The real lifestyle change happened when I joined Chris! Never have I pushed myself so far, and been so proud of what I could accomplish. Logging my daily meals really helped me to see where I had been going off course a bit, and so that was a big eye opener. I met a couple great friends who I hope to stay in touch with too, but the most invigorating part was running the 5km’s at the end. I couldn’t believe the strength and endurance I had built! Prior to joining Chris I could hardly run around in the backyard with the kids and not get winded. Accomplishing that goal made me realize the sky is the limit. I run 3.5km , 1-2 time a week now and love the burst of energy it gives me to kick start my day! Im now down 17lbs, 3% body fat and a total of about 7 inches lost in just over 4 months. Im half way to my goal, but feel like I’ve already accomplished more than I ever expected in so many ways. I know I wouldn’t have had these results just slugging away at the gym on my own like I had been for years with no drive. Thank you Chris, I’ve found myself again, and cant wait to come back in August or Sept!!!

Lauren M.

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