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Doug B. Lost 24lbs

Doug lost 24lbs and was a 1st place 90 Day Challenge winner! Way to go Doug!

Doug B.

Down 10lbs in 30 Days!

Just weighed in…down another 2 pounds for a total of 10 wooohoooo!! Thank you Chris Walker for your help!!!

Alisha W.

Chris and I came in 1st place for my age group!

I did the run (4 miles) Chris and I came in 1st place for my age group!! My # for my age group was 12 and I don’t know how many others after me. I even beat my niece. By 10 minutes. I was able to do this because of YOU!! You are a great trainer and gave me the support and confidence to do everything! I will also post this on Facebook later. Need to get ready for party. Thanks again for making me a strong person both physically and mentally!! 😘  (From Chris Walker, Way to go Anne! You’re amazing and an inspiration to many! Great job! 1st Place!! Woot woot!)

Anne D.

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