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Amantina Lost 10lbs

I kind of impressed that I lost 10Lbs in a 3 month program with Chris. I learned a lot about nutrition which was the main problem when trying to drop some pounds in the past. Chris was also very patient when I was getting pesimist about the progress we were making. I’m so glad that I got this done with him! Chris, thank you so much for everything, I can fit into those jeans again!!

Amantina P.

Curtis Lost 35lbs

Curtis was looking to make some changes after hitting the gym but getting little results. After  working hard  and changing his eating habits for roughly 5 months he was able to take his body to the next level! Even his level of Lacrosse play has improved! Way to go Curtis! Down 35 pounds and dropped 12.9% body fat!


Cindy Lost 22lbs

After many attempts at weight loss and very skeptical that anything can help her Cindy was able to find success losing 22 pounds in a few short months with Chris. Cindy started off at 160 pounds and was only able to do 10 sit-ups and 10 push-ups. Through hard work Cindy was able to work her way up to 30 sit-ups and 30 push-ups. In addition, Cindy trimmed 2 inches off her chest, 5 inches off her waist and 4 inches off her hips for a total of 11 inches. Way to go Cindy!

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