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It’s your turn to lose weight naturally and feel great like so many others!

Mark Loses 16lbs

Mark wanted to lose some weight and build more lean muscle! He worked Hard at it changing his eating habits and training 3 times a week! Mark is a great example of the results you can achieve if you stick to your program! He lost 16lbs and 8% Bodyfat Way to go Mark!

Mark G.

Emily Lost 29lbs

Emily- Was tired after already being on Weight Watchers and not receiving the results she wanted she decided to get some help. Emily was seeking overall better health and to improve her cardiovascular. Emily started at a weight of 255lbs and was was able to drop 29 pounds in 3 and 1/2 months bringing her closer to her goal of 140lbs. In addition, Emily lost an inch off her chest, 5 inches off her waist, an inch off her thighs and 2 inches off her calves for a total of 9 inches. To top it off she went from being able to do only 16 push-ups to 23 and almost no sit-ups to 23. Way to go Emily!

Emily S.

Help Me Shed 34lbs!

I decided after years of gaining weight and blaming it on “being in sales” and that “I have not time to workout” that I would consult a trainer to see what my options were. I worked with Chris who taught me the importance of a LIFESTYLE rather than what I have done before, “a calorie counting diet” that simply didn’t last. Chris worked with me and showed me what I needed to do, eat etc… and help me shed 34 pounds! As a result I feel better about myself, my life, and find it easier to tackle the tough things in life. Thank you Chris! Anyone thinking about getting in shape but are making excuses, (cant find time, cant, can’t, can’t) and want to take control over their life, give him a call!

Jon H.
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