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Down 22lbs, 9 inches!


During my 13 weeks with Chris Walker as my personal trainer/coach, we did 39 workouts together, I lost 22 pounds, and 9 inches of body measurements, and I learned a lot about changing my nutritional and exercise habits. This was a very worthwhile investment in my health and well-being. Thank you very much Chris Walker, you were very helpful and pleasant to work with!

Helene T.

Regan Lost 12.5Lbs In 30 Days

Thank you Chris Walker! I did it!!! I feel great… I have changed my eating habits, my energy level has increased. I go to the grocery store and get the healthy food! My kids are eating better. I count my steps during the day. I have lost 12.5lbs so far and I am determined to keep going thanks to you!

Regan R.

Improved Thyroid And Overall Health

Jo tried everything in the past and had not been able to lose weight. She had thyroid issues, was on multiple medications, had trouble sleeping, feeling tired all the time. Didn’t like her body and just felt she had overall poor health and needed help. I began working with her and completely changed her diet and added some supplements to address her health issues and got her doing some exercise. She was skeptical at first and was in a hurry to get results however she hung in there. She started to see some results after her first month and this motivated her to continue! Fast forward to six months she is off her medications, down 13lbs, super fit, got a new hair cut and is loving life! I’m so proud of all she has been able to accomplish!

Jo S.

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