Chris's Gluten Free Recipe & Detox Cookbook:

We identify and correct malfunctions of the: hormones, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production and nervous system using drug free protocols.


  • Sophia Thank you Chris for your help in making me lose weight because of you you made my heart healthy and you gave me a gift of happiness, joy of eating and fitness for life I am forever grateful of you...
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Chris Walker's Book Series!

Receive three of Chris Walker's top publications for free! In his book 3 big Mistakes you'll learn key diet, exercise and mindset principles to be successful. You'll also get great gluten free and detox recipes in his recipe cookbook and finally you'll get rapid fat loss techniques in his free report How To Lose All the Fat You Want eating natural real food. Three publications you shouldn't be without! Get your free copies now by providing your email below!

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