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Curtis Lost 35lbs

Curtis was looking to make some changes after hitting the gym but getting little results. After  working hard  and changing his eating habits for roughly 5 months he was able to take his body to the next level! Even his level of Lacrosse play has improved! Way to go Curtis! Down 35 pounds and dropped 12.9% body fat!


Sarah P. Lost Over 30lbs


I’d been overweight and unhappy with myself for years. I weighed in at over 200lbs and huffed and puffed my way through the exercises. I’ve enjoyed the pace increase from session to session and the resistance training. Above all, I’ve loved that Chris and his team create an environment where anybody in any shape can feel comfortable and confident making this type of change. Since starting I’ve found myself to be more centered, balanced and motivated in all aspects of my life. I’ve more energy for my kids, my work and have even secured a promotion within my organization. With this program I see results that make me actually want to look in the mirror for the first time in about seven years, I’ve lost over 30 lbs, more than 10 percent body fat and I just feel good about myself. I’m not the size I’d like to be just yet but I can already tell that continuing to come and making this commitment to myself that I will get there much more quickly than had I elected to join a gym or try it on my own. Thanks Chris, for my current success and for helping me to attain my goals.

Sarah P.

Paul M. Lost 41lbs

Paul joined the 90 Day Challenge with his Wife Angie. He was dedicated, committed, stuck to his eating plan and pushed himself beyond his comfort zone. He worked really hard to lose 41lbs!

Paul M.
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