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Angie M. Lost 16lbs

Angie joined the 90 Day Challenge with her husband and worked really hard to lose 16lbs! She was skeptical that she would change but was one of the top females in her group. She truly inspired many. Results:  Lost 16lbs, Lost 10 Inches, Lost 7% Body Fat

Angie M.

Catherine Lost 33lbs

Catherine is Emily’s mom and they are both doing a program together. Catherine was seeking better health and had a weight loss goal of 20lbs. In just 3 1/2 months Catherine lost 33 pounds of fat lowering her body fat from 43% to 22%. In addition she lost 2 inches off her arms, 1/2 inch off her chest, 1/2 inch off her hips and calves for a total of 3 inches. Awesome Catherine!


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